The Best Tips And Tricks To Get Unlimited Free Followers On Instagram

tips and tricks to get free instagram followers

Facebook was yesterday, now all love Instagram. We will tell you how to make the best use of the popular photo platform and what other accounts you should follow.

 5 Instagram tips of the editors

  1. If you have just logged into Instagram and want to have more followers, you can link your Instagram account to Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook. This way, your friends on other social networks will get to know that you are now in the process.
  2. For particularly good pictures, it is recommended to edit the photos with another photo app and then upload them to Instagram. Our favorites are “Camera +” and “tadaa”.
  3. Mention or tag “other users” in the image. This makes her friends aware of the photo. If you were tagged yourself, the picture will appear in the “Photos of you” section, a kind of picture gallery like Facebook.
  4. Use #hashtags. Hashtags are great to be discovered by users who do not follow you, or to find something specific. But beware: anyone who attaches too many useless hashtags to his photos will get on the nerves of the other users.
  5. To delete unwanted captions or comments, simply press the “Comment” button and swipe your finger over the comment. Then the “Trash” button will appear.

We hope you have fun!

The best Instagram accounts:

On the following pages, we present the favorites of the editorial team. You also want to recommend our users a must-follow installer? Only to. We are looking forward to your comments.

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