Beat the Clash Royale game with tricks and the Hack for Endless Gems

Clash Royale (2016) is a game developed by Supercell, the same creators of the popular Android and iOS game, Clash of Clans. It is a game of strategy and letters that each sees hooks more users and has received very good reviews from the fan community of the saga.

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Once we have installed the game APK after downloading from Google Play (formerly the Play Store) or the App Store, the addiction continues without any pause . For those who wonder if you can play without download, we have to say that for now is not possible, but if we have it installed we can play online with other players in the world or play against friends without any problems.

The game is based – its name makes quite clear – in the universe that Supercell created for his predecessor, Clash of Clans. The main objective is to collect cards and duel with other players in real time to destroy your Towers while defending yours.


In its latest version, Clash Royale allows some cheats that we bring you today first hand and you will be able to apply on both Android and iOS. The first thing is to get the Android apk or iOS, according to the device that you have in your hands, and then take advantage of the advice that we are going to give you next.


  • One of the best hacks you can not find in codes or tricks, but in yourself. You need patience, especially in attack / offense. Although a priori seems to be best to eliminate the enemy as soon as possible, the truth is that it is best to start slowly and not lose your cool when they touch your towers. Once, little by little, you eliminate one of its towers, is when your strong Clash Royale strategy begins .
  • Use the best cards to win the battles. English are called legendary cards (legendary cards) and are going to make your deck, your best deck ( best deck ) . For this, it is good to have Goblins and Super Goblins, as they hardly spend Elixir in the attack and it is easy to put them into play. Do not forget to put Archers to defend your towers, and do not discount the importance of Baby Dragons: they serve as a defense and when attacking they can eliminate a whole troop with their fireballs. Barbarians and Golems are essential for a blunt attack.


In the Clash Royale Hack tricks, the most demanded are endless gem tricks (you can get it in the next section), Clash Royale tricks, cards (up we have left you the best Clash Royale cards to beat the enemy) and gold Which will allow you to get more and better cards and characters.

The Clash Royale coffers give you as the game progresses. While it is true that you can open it at the time of receiving it, it is not recommended as this will make you spend coins. Free coffers can be opened at no charge, while the Silver Coffers take 3 hours, the Golden Coffers 8 hours, the Magic Coffers 12 hours and the Crown Coffers are also immediate. With Luck you can find a rare card or free epic card when opening a chest. Luck!

Be smart when it comes to spending gold in Clash Royale . It is very tempting to buy the best cards ( legendary cards , for example) at the beginning of the game. And yet it is the worst time for it, since we still do not know well the operation of the game, nor do we know tricks, tips, or hacks and we have not conformed our own strategy. We recommend buying the most common cards, the ones you will use, which are also the cheapest. Instead of catching a rare one that does not match the rest of your deck, upgrade them when you already have them. Take advantage of the chests to find new cards and free updates from the ones you already have. Watch your gold: it is the key to success and progress in the game.


If you have installed the Clash Royale apk on Android or iPhone and you have read all this article, surely what you are waiting for is to know how to download endless gems in Clash Royale, one of the best tricks of the game so far. To be able to get it, be sure to follow these points that we present below with great precision:

  • Access the link below to access theĀ Clash Royale Gems generator.
  • Once inside, select the hack “Infinite Gems”
  • Click on “Generate infinite gems”
  • Enter the PIN number you will receive on your mobile phone after entering it and give “OK”. Below we explain the importance of this step and why we need your phone number to give you the endless gems of Clash Royale .
  • You already have infinite gems in Clash Royale! To enjoy!