school of dragons tips and tricks to get free diamonds online

With Dragon City tips and tricks we would like to help you get started with this socialgame on Facebook. This game is all about your sweet and cozy house kites. You have to breed and feed as many kites as possible, so that they can provide you with gold.

The Dragon City tips and tricks show you how to build a great dragon family in the world of the magical islands.Dragon eggs need a nest in which they grow. This nest (Hatchery) is located on the castle, which is your first home on the island as the headquarters.

If such a small, sweet dragon hatches from the egg, then it must be supplied with food.

Well, what do small dragons eat? In this game, you are again struck by a strangeness, which is reflected in so many current social games. In FarmVille 2 from Zynga, tomatoes are used to produce grain fodder for chickens and goats, including in Dragoncity … the young kinks actually eat tomatoes. Ok, so some dinosaurs were also vegetarians and pure herbivores. Let’s take the tomatoes. Dragon City Tips and Tricks recommend: Each dragon needs a level to grow, so you have to start your little friend up to level 4 until he can be used in the game and produce gold. In the first steps, the game guides you to this game.

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The tomatoes (here called “Dragon Bell”) wake up on a food farm, which of course you have to place. With each harvest, there are of course XP (points of experience), which will bring you to a higher level and release more items.

As in numerous other socialgames, everything here and there is pretty tight and needs its time until it “grows”. This game, however, differs in a central point of many other socialgame. Often it is customary that your energy, ie the points of action, which you can use per turn, is limited. This is not the case with Dragon City.

As a dragon-breed master, you must give space to your pet’s propagation urge and love. This is done in Breeding Mountain. This breeding mountain has a cave, in which the dragons hide with their mating behavior hidden. So this game clearly youth-free.

Your kites need a place where they feel comfortable. Sometimes it is prickly cacti or lava-spewing volcanoes, which sweeten your life for your loved ones. In return for their well-being, they regularly produce gold for you, which you can then diligently collect.

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Dragon City Tips and tricks: Daily visit, many friends and precious stones

The game will reward you, as long as you daily pre-master and collect the daily reward on the right edge. In the game, you are making good progress when you are interested in as many “friends” as you are interested in the game, or you are going to the fan pages, Facebook groups or forums, where there are already many players with whom you are friends for this game can. For such a step is sometimes already a second Facebook account advisable.

In addition to the gold and the food, where you can see the stock on the top left, there is a special currency in Dragon City: Purple diamonds, called “Gems”, Edesteine ​​(has nothing to do with the community school …). If you realize in the game that you do not have enough of it, show Dragon City tips and tricks the price list, so you know if you really want to exchange for this game the precious stones of grandma in digital gemstones.

The Gems, however, are not only available for purchase. Grandma’s precious stones do not have to be sacrificed. In contrast to many other social games, you can also get these rare things in the accomplishment of tasks (goals). There is nothing in the way of patient kite-breeding …