Everyday is a new beginning whether of you failed yesterday, or succeed all that matters is that your are moving forward. Start every new day with a kick start. Momentum is key if your are planning to be successful in business. Yesterday I faced a customer that simply came out and, said I don’t trust you. It totally threw me off-guard. I did’t go into defense mode, because feelings and business do not coincide. He told me to let him sleep on it & I guess that what it is, we will find out Monday. Stay tuned.

I got 1 hour of sleep today, & I’m scrambling to do this blog post I have to cook, wash the dishes, and get my essentials ready for the gym, after that I’m heading in for work. About 4 In the morning I’m ill get off & Ill get home around 5, sleep for 4 hours and Repeat the process. When I wake up I’m scrambling doing fulfillment. The point of this blog is for my personal improvement, self embitterment, fulfillment, simply the denizen theory because your dying if your don’t live. So I’m going to try & If I die in the process forget it *shoulder shrug. And, for all of my readers to get inspired and, grow!