TierraWiki came up with the basic ideas for this site on a mountain bike ride in Spain in Parque Natural Alcornocales. There are very few maps of mountain bike trails in Andalucia and even fewer route descriptions.

Unfortunately, the honest truth is that it has been very difficult to share this information. God bless Garmin, who make great GPS devices, but wow, Mapping really needs an ease-of-use overhaul and that is only the first step in the chain of pain in sharing GPS information.

Likewise, it is appreciative of all the outdoor sites that exist today, from which you may discover many areas that are interesting to explore. However, the vast majority remain one way instruments -- pushing good information out on the outdoors -- but not allowing users with perhaps an order of magnitude more experience in a particular area to contribute back in order to improve its content.

TierraWiki was project that blends Google Earth with Wiki technology for outdoor enthusiasts that might be interesting to your readers. The humble goal of my site, TierraWiki, is to create the most complete reference to the outdoors in existence.

The premise of this site is to take Wiki and GPS technology and make it work for the outdoor world. They have done more development (see extensions) to make this easier, but the MediaWiki folks the vast majority of the credit for the technology that this site is based on.

The wiki is based off of the same MediaWiki technology as Wikipedia that have built extensions to:
1. be able to use the GPS track information from our outdoor activities to build a comprehensive trail map that you can access not only on the web but also through Google Maps and Google Earth,
2. enable location based search to make it easier to find outdoors information in the vicinity of another location, and finally
3. have exposed a Google Earth network link that allows you to always have the latest trail map in Google Earth as well as articles that are geotagged.

Basically, here the community go out and use the outdoors on their favorite trails and then upload their GPX tracks to build the trail network. Then have some algorithms that will be working on that can merge this track data, and eventually, will let users plan outdoor trips and have a look at just what they are getting into across the web and Google Earth before they do it (nothing is worse than finding that "extra mountain" on your mountain bike ride).

However, technology is only the foundation. The real heart of this site is you. The goal of Tierrawiki is to make it as easy as possible to share and find outdoor trails for mountain biking, cycling, hiking, mountaineering, trail running, cross country skiing, and horseback riding.

It is you that will make it work. It is your local knowledge, your expertise, and most importantly, your contributions, that make this site thrive. If you are new to community, have a look at the Community Portal to understand how you can get started. If, however, you are a long time contributor to this site, then again, thanks for all your help.

Unfortunately TierraWiki stopped their operation for various reason. But nothing to be worried. There are still so many GPS community Wiki-style project to share bike, hiking, skiing, and running routes where you may share your knowledge and allow you to upload, edit and share GPS data, and both offer exporting to KML. Here are some promising new genre of community site here. Check them all out.

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